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Skyfall: Fanfic Rec: James Bond/Q, two hurt/comfort recs

So, I went to see Skyfall last weekend and I loved it--seriously, if you haven't seen it yet and you get the opportunity you should definitely go. The shippy aspect was just an added bonus tbh--I've always liked Daniel Craig's Bond, and this was the best film I've seen in ages. By the time Adele's song started (and that was after the OPENING scene) I felt like I'd had an adrenaline rush, and all I was doing was sitting there and watching.

Anyway! James Bond/Q is an awesome ship (but ugh, the pain because what if THEY GET A NEW BOND AND THERE'S NO MORE 00Q MATERIAL ARGH)

Good thing there's already a tonne of fanfic that's been/is being written *happy sigh*

If you read any of these two recs PLEASE read the warnings from the authors--they're both pretty dark (as in, graphic torture and some non-con dark) but incredibly written. Also, they're series! One is a WIP, but the first part (which is 10 chapters) is amazing. Really, I can't rec either of them enough. They're the first two that I've read so far (admittedly, I haven't read very many yet) that have blown me away by how in character Q is. I'm a bit in awe of the authors' intelligence, because it just comes through in the dialogue and I love it.

I'm gonna be on the prowl for Skyfall/Sherlock crossovers next, because a friend of mine said she'd read a few and they were all sorts of perfect :')

"the hand beneath your head" series
Author: skylights
Summary: Q remembers New Orleans as a dark room and a red haze, a burning in the back of his throat and heroin in his veins. Bond remembers New Orleans as sixty hours without sleep and the sick satisfaction of killing because he wants to. (Or, what happens in New Orleans, on the way there and after. A hurt/comfort series.)

"But Now I've Got You" series (mature, WIP: Part 1 complete)
Author: raven_aorla
Summary: Post-Skyfall. When Bond rescues Q from the hands of some particularly nasty captors, it is only the beginning. 

And now I gotta go downstairs and watch some Game of Thrones with my dad :')

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