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I'm not entirely sure how long I have before I have to go back but it's LONGER THAN A WEEK AND THAT'S ALL I CARE ABOUT!

So damn happy it's the holidays, I can't even.

Also, I have PLANS!! which is exciting, although also slightly depressing as a lot of those plans involve me and a DVD player but w/e. I'm excited because I'm going to be meeting up with a friend in Wales at some point in early January, and we're gonna take a look around some castles, and a few of the places where they film Merlin, which should help me get over all the OH GOD IT'S OVER feels :3

Tbh, I'm looking forwards to meeting up with her more than Christmas day XD idk, it's not cold enough yet! Once it gets super chilly, I'll start getting hyper about The Big Day.

Assuming the apocalypse doesn't hit ofc, yada yada.

I'm hoping I'm gonna be able to post a Merlin/Arthur christmas fic I started today at some point soon...my voice has gone because I caught a cold, so I've had to put podficcing on hold and then BOOM INSPIRATION STRUCK for a fic and I sort of died a bit from relief, because I haven't been able to write anything proper in so long.

It's a bit of a student/teacher extravaganza, welp *prods nervously at fic* idk if it's any good, poor thing.

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Okay, I'm going Christmas shopping today at a HUGE shopping centre which is rubbish because I already suck at shopping, and now on top of that I'm gonna get lost XD I'm going with some friends though, so hopefully it should be fun.

Just gonna put a list of things down that I absolutely have to buy, and hopefully I can tick them off when I get home later *nods*
  • Blue earphones for my secret Santa
  • Book of short stories by James Franco
  • A prefect badge that actually says 'perfect' (or, something similar)
  • Christmas cards
  • A Glee poster (although that'll be hard because the girl I'm buying it for will be with me, so maybe not)
I haven't decided what I want to get everyone else yet /sigh. I know I need to get my girlfriend some Star Wars lego, and another friend an 'On The Road' flask but I'll have to hunt for them online, I think.

God, I'm probably gonna come home with a shitload of stuff that I shouldn't have bought...like last year, I bought this girl a toy mother hen, with four baby chicks. Like. Why? 

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Well, I've written 1.5k of a Merlin/Mordred fic this morning...hopefully I'll finish that later, because I want something to put on the [community profile] bbcmordred comm :')

I'll probably promote the comm a bit on Tumblr or something, because no one's really gonna notice here XD

Now I'm gonna get up because I've got to make up a song for music coursework, and then I'm going to my girlfriend's house and having a LOTR marathon, which ought to be good.

Also, Merlin later. Although I'm not going to be online for the aftermath *pouts*

And GOD, my choir's putting on a Christmas carol service tomorrow, and I have to wear bloody school uniform, so that should be FUN *thumbs up*

Hey thar

Dec. 3rd, 2012 09:42 pm
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I figured I should just go ahead and make a pointless post here now, before I chicken out and never venture onto Dreamwidth again (I am way too fickle for my own good).

So here's my post *waves*

My name's Cee, btw. There'll probably be a lot of Merlin related things here, and I'll try not to forget about this account because Dreamwidth, I've decided, is quite pretty and I like it. 

Now I'm going to make toast and have a shower. Not at the same time. 


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