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Okay, so I'm halfway through the last episode of Merlin (I had to stop as I was presented by this delightful image:


which someone pointed out to me, seems to basically be stating where Arthur and Gwen stand in their relationship) and it's official: there is no one I do not ship Mordred with.

But I ship him with Merlin the most, which is why there is a modern AU Merlin/Mordred plotbunny making itself known to me and gdi, I'd listen to it if I wasn't already trying to get a Merlin/Arthur Christmas fic done before the end of the year (which honestly shouldn't be hard--I've already done about 4k, and I never intended it to be very long).

But guh, I want a Merdred coffee shop AU or something, man that'd be awesome. Where Arthur owns the shop, and he's always bossing Merlin around (duh) and then Mordred turns up, and at first it's all Merlin being jealous because he thinks Arthur and Mordred are becoming besties without him, when really Arthur is half taking care of Mordred 'cause he's a BABY, and half telling him that if he hurts Merlin in any way he will END him.

But otherwise, he gives Mordred his full consent to woo Merlin to his heart's content. Which throws Merlin off completely, and Merlin's always frowning and being moody around Mordred, like 'go away, stop following me around, Y U LYK ME SO MUCH' and he bitches to Arthur, who just rolls his eyes because everyone knows Merlin whines about someone when in reality he's completely smitten.

And okay this totes doesn't need to be a coffee shop AU, this doesn't even have to be AU, I just want cute Merdred, with Merlin/Arthur best-friendyness, with Arthur being the matchmaker, because he just wants to see Merlin happy.

But God, this gets in the way of Merthur so bad, doesn't it?

FFS. Maybe it would have to become a threesome.

BUT NO I JUST WANT MERLIN/MORDRED SO BAD. Okay, so Arthur is super protective over Merlin but isn't in love with him because this is an AU, not freaking canon. Arthur can be a famous architect or astronaut or something, who's never home and OKAY SCRAPPING THE COFFEE SHOP ENTIRELY because Arthur's an astronaut, who Merlin rings when he's got relationship issues, and Arthur sighs and tells Merlin that Mordred is obviously head over heels for him, and he needs to unplug those enormous ears and listen to the kid because he's practically begging for some Merlin lovin'

As hard as that is for Arthur to believe.

God. I can never write Merdred, obviously, without feeling bad about cockblocking my own OTP.

WHAT AM I EVEN WRITING? This is why the content should ALWAYS BE WORKING and then I wouldn't end up just rambling for words and words.

Okay, it's all going under a cut because this is insane.  If anyone knows of any astronaut!Arthur fics though, that might be good for my soul rn.


hng dammit

Annnd, apart from that, I just read an adorable little Bradley/Colin drabble on Tumblr, which'll take you about half a minute to read if you want to hiccup over something small and fluffy.

Now I'm going to go and revise and most definitely NOT check AO3 for 00Q fics, nope.

Date: 2012-12-04 02:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jelazakazone
Oooh, I want astronaut!Arthur fic. I did one where Arthur was a general and Merlin was a computer wizard and there are stars, but no astronauts. I'm going to be writing one where Arthur is a pilot (I think).

Oooh, have you read We are Stardust? I think Arthur is a Captain of a starship in that one. They are definitely on starships. It is awesome except for one teeeny weeeny little scene.

If you know of any good Mordred/Merlin fics, let me know, k?

Also, check out [personal profile] cecilegrey. She's awesome.

Date: 2012-12-04 05:11 pm (UTC)
jelazakazone: black squid on a variegated red background (Default)
From: [personal profile] jelazakazone
Heh. So not sexy, to have everyone in space suits. But funny!

This link is to the three related fics. Third Time's the Charm is the really relevant one:)

Ooh, go back and read the Stardust one.

:( I skimmed it. I didn't like it:(

I just posted my Warehouse 13 podfic. I feel like I did it all wrong. Heh.

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