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Okay, IDK if people how many people have seen these already (probably everyone?) BUT I AM FREAKING OUT OKAY BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT. Credit to [tumblr.com profile] doylefan22 who saw the script and found out who says what to who (although they warned that the scripts do change a lot, so you know). The post is HERE on tumblr.

� “There’s something I want to say…”
Arthur to Merlin

� “The battle’s not over Mordred, we will have our revenge.”
Morgana to Mordred

� “Why don’t you use magic?”
Arthur to Merlin

� “Arthur, he is your friend!”
Gaius to Arthur

� “Do I know him? Please Gaius answer me honestly.”
Gwen to Gaius

� “That’s not why I do it!”
Merlin to Arthur

� “What a joy it is to see you Arthur.”
Morgana to Arthur

� “I blame myself for what you’ve become.”
Merlin to Morgana

� “No man, no matter how great can know his destiny!”
Kilgharrah to Merlin

� “I do this because of who you are.”
Merlin to Arthur

� “Just hold me – Please.”
Arthur to Merlin

Date: 2012-12-25 12:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jelazakazone
Ok, that "just hold me, please" damn. God. I am full of emotion after watching this ep.

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