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Okay, I'm going Christmas shopping today at a HUGE shopping centre which is rubbish because I already suck at shopping, and now on top of that I'm gonna get lost XD I'm going with some friends though, so hopefully it should be fun.

Just gonna put a list of things down that I absolutely have to buy, and hopefully I can tick them off when I get home later *nods*
  • Blue earphones for my secret Santa
  • Book of short stories by James Franco
  • A prefect badge that actually says 'perfect' (or, something similar)
  • Christmas cards
  • A Glee poster (although that'll be hard because the girl I'm buying it for will be with me, so maybe not)
I haven't decided what I want to get everyone else yet /sigh. I know I need to get my girlfriend some Star Wars lego, and another friend an 'On The Road' flask but I'll have to hunt for them online, I think.

God, I'm probably gonna come home with a shitload of stuff that I shouldn't have bought...like last year, I bought this girl a toy mother hen, with four baby chicks. Like. Why? 

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