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My new mic arrived! \o/ I can get down to podficcing one of my favourite Suits fics now, omg excitement. Also there's a tonne of fics on KMM that'd be cute to podfic aww *flaps*

I'm quite pleased with a lot of things atm, because I started writing a fic anonymously on KMM a couple of days ago and like, no one's really noticed it (yet??) but I'm having a lot of fun with it so far :') I guess I'll de-anon if I actually finish it.

It's annoying though, because I told myself I'd write a Christmas Merthur fic, which I started and everything! It's just floating around on my laptop, waiting for me to get back to it /sigh. I just cba with writing fic a lot of the time now, which is weird because I used to write it CONSTANTLY. I think my best stuff appears when I get the idea from prompts. Even though I deviate from them quite a bit XD

This post is getting a bit pointless. Hmm. I watched Skyfall again with my dad lol, HE LOVES Q TOO! WE ALL LOVE Q! I need to read some more 00Q fic, because I found an awesome Tumblr blog, full of recs *drools*.

Also, I downloaded THIS podfic a couple of days ago, and it seems pretty promising. Hopefully gonna listen to it tonight, once I've made myself do some art coursework. 

I feel like I should do an episode reaction post or something, after 5x10 of Merlin, but I think it was my least favourite so far...apart from the Merlin/Arthur bits at the beginning. And I won't deny that I enjoyed the Merlin!whumping. 

TBH all the interviews with the cast and crew are interesting me a lot more than the actual show atm XD I READ AN ADORABLE QUOTE FROM KATIE ABOUT COLIN THIS MORNING AND I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH! And there have been a couple of Bradley/Colin videos from interviews that I've seen circling which are, of course, adorable. 

So yeah. I'm gonna get down to art and stuff, and not get distracted by my new mic or fanfic or general feels. Okay.

Rambling, ridiculous post is rambling and ridiculous. 
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